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Everything seems to have been said about the work of Maurice Utrillo.How to avoid the repetition about a painter who is often accused of being the painter of repetition, by forgetting the same as it is in the heartof artistic creation (Read the philosopher Gilles Deleuze !…) 

The notoriety of Utrillo did not exceed the limits of Montmartre and its cafés, where his canvases mopped the slates. Without success he participates insome exhibitions, in the living room “fall”, in the Galerie Druet. Taken in hand by the merchant Libaude, Utrillo knew only the materialistic personality of thislast who tried to master the game of supply and demand, exclusivity, prefiguring other practices. Libaude did not have the same empathy that ZborowskiModigliani. Later we think Pétridès, requiring white Utrillo who wanted to paint the spring ! However crossed Utrillo , through Libaude, the critic and future designer Francis Jourdain, who made it known to Elie Faure, Gaston Gallimard andtwo brothers Kapferer, the aviator and the pétrolier, its first buyers somewhat consistent.

The famous sale of Bear Skin in 1914 made the Utrillos climb a little, but was especially as a new battle of Hernani, a battle of formerand modern : how many were from the Picasso ? They went well ! The white period was over for Utrillo in practice when she didn’twas just beginning in the myth.

Marie-Clémentine Valadon was the archetype of the Montmartre grisette.Belle, of playful, she thirst for life and dreamed of successto escape the family atavism. She managed to establish itself in themiddle of painting. This was the time when the emergence ofImpressionism waved critics and exhibitions…
Eager for hardware security, she approached Puvis : She became his model, he became her lover. Clémentine Valadon, Suzanne for friends, it's hereNana Zola which is coveted for its charm and beauty. Nothingwrong or immoral in this marginal environment that allowed thePhilistines care to codify social hypocrisy !In the birth of his son, she said to herself “seamstress”. Presumably she spent more time weaving oruntie the romantic adventures that pull the needle or holdfer.Avant become the model (and mistress) of Puvis deChavannes, she had already met Miguel Utrillo yMorlius since at the bottom of a portrait in pencil he madeit, that read “Remember the Seven Years War !” Aeloquent dedication as an epitaph !

Tired of their tumultuous love affairs, lover injured backin Spain. When he was back in Paris, in 1891, he recognizedMaurice Valadon as his son asking for hisFrench nationality. Then one who introduced Montmartre and ParisPablo Picasso disappeared, this time for.
A frequent painters, Clementine, Suzanne becameValadon, uncovered talent. In addition to asking for Toulouse Lautrec and Renoir, it produced a series of very beautiful designstaking models for his son or daughter of his concierge. The maidfortune helping (she conversed with consummate care relationshipsprofessional), Suzanne rushed frantically around the worldArts. We even nicknamed the terrible Maria !
Thanks to the sculptor Bartolomeo, She then made theDegas and knowledge of the master discovered his drawings withenthusiasm : My girl, it is done. You are one of us!”, will it be
exclaimed.Everything went on so quickly. Suzanne painted his firstoils including the famous portrait of Erik Satie, with whom she had ashort link.And then, in 1895, it was the consecration : she wasadmitted to exhibit at National…

Text by Jean-Pierre Valeix, 1992.

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