Maurice Utrillo's bio

When Marie-Clémentine Valadon, the day after Christmas 1883, towards 13 hours, gave birth, 10, Street Post, at the foot of Montmartre, the child she named Maurice, we do not know if it was for her relief or a burden.

Maurice Utrillo, it is primarily an illegitimate birth in Montmartre ; the mother herself illegitimate child, model for renowned painters like: Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Zandomeneghi, Puvis.

Before becoming a painter in his turn and famous under the name of Suzanne Valadon ; as the father, is there a certain Boissy or anyone else among those who have gone in life rather stormy this woman ? Unless it really is what Miguel Utrillo y Morlius, architect, painter, Catalan designer and literary critic who accept, Perhaps simply by goodness of heart, to recognize the child and give him the first part of its name.

Utrillo, it is a heavy inheritance, as there is in Emile Zola's characters resulted in alcoholism as early as tenacious. nervous crises and access ethyl origin madness, stays in nursing homes and suicide attempts. violence, irresponsible driving their author to the police station .....

Or at least that is, after a short trial of labor in a bank, that ends badly, a bohemian life whose favorite theater bistros of Montmartre and yet also paradoxical framework, for a few summers, a castle without comfort in the Lyon region. It is the exploitation of talent by a rapacious merchant, then quickly squandered success with drink. Utrillo, it is a passionate attachment to his mother, disturbed in his love relationships, yet far enough, who do not fear to take to lover's best friend's son, André Utter - twenty years younger than her - before making her second husband ...

It’s a late baptism that will lead to sincere faith. unexpected marriage to the widow of a Belgian banker; jealousy motive for mother, but also a source of comfort to the wounded soul of the painter.
This is summarized in broad strokes – there are many biographies that make know the details – this life that seems in many respects have been marked by destiny as a demonstration of human misery ... "

"Alcoholic ...? He was? Engineering quest itself? What label - if any need - gluing on Utrillo?… »

The fact remains that both the son and the mother came from an atypical lineage: both born of an anonymous father, they would inherit this uncertain ancestry and pay the heavy price that rose societyright-thinking on this kind of breach of the moral order.

Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, André Utter ... A cursed triad! The legend that these extreme personalities generated on the legendary breeding ground for Butte imbued with an essential material in art history.

Jean Fabris, “Utrillo, Folie?”, Paris 1992.

Different periods of Mauritius

The " period Montmagny " 1904-1906

The " Impressionist period " 1907-1908

The " white period " 1909-1914

The " colorful period " 1922-1955

(the vivid hues and colorful predominate)