All exhibitions since 1912

Autumn Fair 10th exposition, Paris, Big palace, 1is October-November 8.

Society of Independent Artists. 29th exhibition, Paris, Quai d'Orsay, 19 mars-18 mai.
Thirty paintings by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, gallery Eugene Blot, 26 May-June 9.

Exhibition of works by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Lepoutre gallery, 5-24 December.

Society of Independent Artists, Paris, Big palace, 28 January-February 29.

Utrillo, Paris, Paul Guillaume gallery, October.

Exhibition of Contemporary European Paintings and Sculpture, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 11 avril-09 May.
The Private Collection of M. Paul Poiret, Paris, Barbazanges gallery, 26 April-May 12.
Autumn Fair, Paris, 1is November-December 16.
Modern painting exhibition, Paris, young Bernheim gallery, 5-19 November.
Crazy Auction Show : hundred painters, Paris, Hotel of Curiosity and Fine Arts, 15-30 November.

First exhibition of collectors for the benefit of the society of friends of Luxembourg, Paris, Hotel of Curiosity and Fine Arts, 10 March-April 10.

Exhibition of old works by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Barbazanges gallery, 2-15 January.
Exposition Utrillo, Brussels, centaur gallery, 14-25 mars.
Maurice Utrillo V. From 1905 at 1925, Paris, gallery H. Fiquet, from the 1is May.
Fifty years of French painting, 1875-1925, Paris, Museum of Decorative Arts, 28 May-July 12.
Important pictures by Maurice Utrillo, Glasgow (Britain), galerie Reid and Son, 06-24 October.

Thirty years of independent art (1894-1914). Retrospective exhibition, Paris, Big palace, 20 February-20 March 1926.
French contemporary art, Geneva, Museum of Art and History, 1926.

The Classics of Modern Painting, New York, Caesar De Hauke, 12-23 avril.

19th and 20th Century French Painting, Cambridge (Massachussetts), Fogg Museum of Art, 1928.

Exhibition of Cathedrals and Churches painted by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Le Portique gallery, 12-30 avril.
The early eras of Utrillo, Paris, Marcel Bernheim gallery, 21 June-July 6.

"Crazy auction" : 6th Exhibition of the Society of Art Lovers and Collectors, Paris, Bernheim-Young, 22 February-8 March.

Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, André Utter, Georges Salendre, Geneva, gallery moss, 15 March-April 15 1932.

The early eras of Utrillo, Paris, Marcel Bernheim gallery, 24 March-April 13 1933.

Collection Fukushima, Tokyo, Nippon Theatre, 2-11 February 1934.
Utrillo, paintings and gouaches of the period 1919-1934, Paris, Georges Petit gallery, 16-30 avril.
Exhibition of important works by Maurice Utrillo for the benefit of the society of friends of the Louvre, Paris, gallery André Schoeller, 24 May-June 16.

Paintings by Maurice Utrillo, London, Wildenstein, 19 March-April 18.
Salon 1935. Contemporary art, Antwerp (Belgium), Party hall, 6-29 July.
Maurice Utrillo. The white period, London, Alex gallery. Reid and Lefevre, October November.

Utrillo. Paintings and gouaches., Paris, Odette Pétridès gallery, 12 June-June 27.

Maurice Utrillo. The White Period (1911 – 1914), New York, Bignou gallery, January February.
The Painters of Snow and Winter Joys, Paris, avril-May.
Maurice Utrillo, London, The Adams Gallery, 13 May-05 June.
Masters of independent art, 1895-1937, Paris, Small palace, June-October.
« For the Young Colector ». Exhibition of Pictures, Watercolors and Drawings by Picasso, Utrillo, Raoul Dufy, Rouault and other Modern French Painters, New York, Perls Gallery, October November.
Popular Masters of Reality, Paris, museum of Grenoble, 1937.

49th exposition. Society of Independent Artists, Paris, Lounge Pavilion at the Esplanade des Invalides, 1938.
The Tragic Painters, London, galerie Reid and Lefevre, February March.
Exhibition of recent works by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Odette Pétridès gallery, 15 February-10 March.
Utrillo, Paris, to Gallery. Mouradian, A. Valloton, until 16 July.
Maurice Utrillo V. 20 Major works 1906-1916, Basel (Suisse), gallery of Doctor Raeber, 19 October-November 19.

Pissarro to Utrillo. « For the Young Colecotr », New York, Perls Gallery, 03-29 January.
Catalogue of a collection of XIXth Century French Paintings, New York, C.W. Kraushaar Art Galleries, 30 January-February 28.
50th exhibition of independent artists, Paris, Big palace, 17 March-April 10.
French art exhibition, Geneva, gallery moss, June July.
French painting school in 1939, Kansas City (Kansas), William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art; Denver (Colorado), The Denver Art Museum, Omaha (Nebraska) Memorial Museum; Minneapolis (Minnesota), Institute of Arts; Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Carnegie Art Institute, 1939.
Contemporary French art, New York, Palace of France, fine arts section, 1939.

Matisse, Modigliani, Utrillo, New York, Bignou Gallery, 15 January-February 29 1940.
Gouaches, New York, Perls gallery, 04-30 November.

Exhibition of recent works by Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Odette Pétridès gallery, 18 April-May 10.
French art exhibition since 1900, Geneva, gallery Georges Moos, 30 May-June 30.
Maurice Utrillo. Graphic sheets by Corot and Daumier, Basel (Suisse), Kunsthalle, 13 June-July 12.

Gardens of France, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1943.
Young French painters and their masters, Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, september-march.
Maurice Utrillo. Works by 1908 at 1919, Geneva, gallery Georges Moos, 05 June-05 July.

Paris, New York, Coordinating Council of French relief Societies, 09 December-09 January.

Art in progress, New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1944.
Maurice Utrillo. Works by 1905 at 1943, Paris, Odette Pétridès gallery, 31 March-April 30.

Paris, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1944-1945.

Landscapes of France, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1945.

Paintings from the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, traveling exhibition of national museums, 1945-1946.

One hundred masterpieces of painters from the Paris School, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1946.
Paintings from the Permanent Collecion of the Museum of Modern Art, Baltimore (Maryland), Baltimore Museum of Art, 15 March-April 15.

Paris School, Berne (Suisse), Kunsthalle ; Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Italy, 07 February-February 27.

Masterpieces of Philadelphia Private Collections, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), The Philadelphia Museum, May.

Maurice, Utrillo, V, Westwood, galeries James Vigeveno, 06 October-November 12.
Utrillo, different eras, 1905-1947, Paris, gallery Pétridès, 28 November-December 13.

The main trends in contemporary painting, Lyon (France), Museum of Fine Arts, 1949.
The Tuileries, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1949.
Trends in European Painting, 1880-1930, New York, The Century Association, 02 February-March 31.
Maurice Utrillo, Works from Swiss private collection, Berne (Suisse), Kunsthalle, 04 June-July 17.
Utrillo. Different eras, 1905-1914, Paris, Paul Pétridès gallery, 05-25 July.

Exhibition by Maurice Utrillo de 1915 at 1950 and Lucie Valore, Paris, gallery Pétridès, 03-18 mars.
Works of Art Belonging to Alumnae, Northampton (Massachussetts), Smith College Museum of Art, may June.
European art exhibition 13.-20. century, Zürich (Suisse), Kunsthaus, 06 June-August 13.
Half a century of French painting, 1900-1950, Small (France), Museum of Fine Arts, 10 June-03 July.

Selected works of the 20th century, Paris, galerie Max Kaganovitch, 25 May-July 20.

Selected works from the 20th century, Paris, Brussels,1952.
Fifty years of French painting in the private collections of Cézanne to Matisse, Paris, Museum of Decorative Arts, March April.
Rhythms and Colors, Lausanne (Suisse), Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, 20 June-September 14.

One hundred masterpieces from the Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam, Berne, Kunsthalle, 1953.
Maurice Utrillo. Important works by 1905 at 1914, Paris, Paul Pétridès gallery, may June 1953.

The Best period of Utrillo, Washington, D.C., The Phillips Gallery, 06 December 1953 -11 January 1954.

Girardin Collection, Paris, Small palace, 1954.
Treasures from the French-speaking collections, Geneva, Rath Museum, 26 June-03 October.

Impressionists from the London Courtauld Collection, Paris, Orangerie Museum, 1955.
Happiness, Paris, Galliera museum, mars-mai.
Maurice Utrillo presents the works of Lucie Valore, Paris, Ferrèro gallery, 30 April-May 14.
European champions 1790-1910, Winterthur (Suisse), Kunstmuseum, 12 June-July 24.
Utrillo, Valadon, Modigliani, Utter, Vevey (Suisse), Jenisch Museum, 02 July-September 30.
Paris School, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1955.

Collection G. Van Geluwe, Brussels, Germany, Netherlands, March-September.
The Railway in Art, Geneva, Museum of Art and History, 16 May-June 21.
First festival of paintings and sculptures dedicated to the memory of Maurice Utrillo, Vichy, salle Majestic, 28 July-August 18.
Our Ile-de-France, Seals (France), Castle of Sceaux, 1956.

Fifty masterpieces of contemporary art, Marseille (France), Cantini Museum, 1957.
Utrillo, for the Benefit of Hadassah medical Relief Association, New York, Wildenstein gallery, 24 January-02 mars.
From Bonnard, Paris, National Museum of Modern Art, 23 mars.
Modern Paintings from the Southampton Art Gallery Collection, Worthing (Britain), Art Gallery, 13 avril-04 May.
One hundred masterpieces of French art, 1750-1950, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 03 May.
Masters of Modern Art, Basel (Suisse), Beyeler gallery, October November.
Third Exhibition of classic works of European painting, Caracas (Venezuela), Galeria Wildenstein, December.

Paintings from the Musée National d’art moderne, Boston (Massachussetts), The Institute of Contemporary Art; Colombus; Pittsburgh; Minneapolis; 28 October-April 15.

Maurice Utrillo, Brussels, Europe gallery, 07 February-06 mars.
Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon, Lucy value, New York, Hammer Galleries, 13 May-June 7.
The Niarchos Collection, London, Tate Gallery, 23 May-June 29.
From Monet to Chagall, collection Rosensaft Vevey (Suisse), Jenish museum, 28 June-September 14.
Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon, Lucy value, Small (France), art gallery, 07-27 November.

The Paris School in Belgian collections, Paris, National Museum of Modern Art, 09 July.
One hundred paintings by Utrillo, Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1959.
From Géricault to Matisse. French masterpieces from the Swiss collections, Paris, Small palace, mars-mai.

The Colin Collection : Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings and Sculpture collected by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Colin, Pamela T. Colin and Ralph F. Colin, Jr., New York, Knoedler, 12 April-May 12.
The reopened Museum Folkwang zum Gru[ff], 27 May-03 July.
Maurice Utrillo V. – Suzanne Valadon, Munich (Germany), House of Art, 15 June-September 11.

Paris seen by the Masters of Corot in Utrillo, Paris, Carnavalet Museum, mars-mai.
Summer Exhibition, London, Redfern Gallery, 06 June-August 31.
Dunoyer de Segonzac, Maurice Utrillo, Geneva, Museum of the Athenaeum, 20 July-September 12.
Masterpieces of French Paintings from the Bührle Collection, London, National Gallery, The Arts Council of Britain, 29 September-05 November.
XIXth and XXth Century Paintings, London, Crane Kalman Gallery, 08 November-02 December.

Masterpieces from French collections (Nineteenth - Twentieth centuries), Paris, Charpentier gallery, 1962.
Primitives to Picasso, Londres Royal Academy of Arts, 06 January-07 mars.
XIX and XX Century French Paintings, London, The Lefevre Gallery, February.
Summer Exhibition from Private Collections, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Philadelphia Museum of Art, from the 05 July.
From Cézanne to Picasso, masters of watercolor in the 20th century, Vevey (Suise), Jenisch Museum, 07 July-September 23.
XIXth-XXth Century French Paintings, London, Arthur Tooth and Sons, 23 July-September 15.
The Hallmark Collection. A Selection of paintings from the International Hallamrk Art Adwards, London, Whitechapel Art Gallery, September October.

Utrillo, Berne, Kunstmuseum, 19 January-March 17.
A Painters’s Collection, an Exhibition of paintings, drawings and scultpure from the collection of Edward Le Bas, OUT, London, Royal Academy of Arts Diploma Gallery, 19 March-April 28.
Private Views. Works from the Collection of twenty Friends of the Tate Gallery, London, The Tate Gallery, 18 April-May 19.
A Great Period of French Painting,an Exhibition held in memory of the late Miss Clariça Davidson, London, Marlborough Fine Art, June July.
Maurice Utrillo, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, 18 October-1is December.
Two hundred watercolors and drawings from Renoir to Picasso, Paris, Romanet gallery, November.
Recent Acquisitions, XVIII, London, Arthur Tooth and Sons, 13-30 november.
XIX and XX Century French Paintings and Drawings, London, The Lefevre Gallery, November December.

Masterpieces from the Swiss collections from Manet to Picasso, Lausanne (Suisse), Beaulieu Palace, 1964.
Selected works, Paris, galerie Max Kaganovitch, may June.

Summer Exhibition : From Courbet to Braque, London, Arthur Tooth and Sons, 20 July-August 15.

XIX and XX Century French Paintings and Drawings, London, The Lefevre Gallery, November December.

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century French Paintings from English Private Collections, London, Marlborough Fine Art, June July.
Utrillo, Valadon, Utter, Bourg-en-Bresse (France), Brou museum, 19June-August 31.

Summer Exhibition : French Paintings and Sculpture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, London, O'Hara Gallery, June-September.

19th and 20th Century French Paintings, London, The Lefevre Gallery, October November.

Collection Jean Walter _ Paul Guillaume, Paris, Orangerie, 1966.
Maurice Utrillo, Japan, galerie Yoshii, November.

Utrillo, 149 canvases, gouaches and drawings by 1904 at 1952, traveling exhibition in Japan : Tokyo, Central museum, 23 mars-05 May ; Kyoto, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, 13 May-11 June ; Fukuoka, annex museum of the Maison de la culture, 18 June-July 2 ; Aichi, Museum of Fine Arts, 15-30 July.


Summer Exhibition : French Paintings and Sculpture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, London, O'Hara Gallery, 15 May-September 16.

Masterpieces of modern art. Renoir and the masters of the Paris School, Tokyo, Takashimoya, Department stores, 17 September-October 29.
Recent Acquisitions by the Norton Simon, Inc. Museum of Art, Portland (Oregon), 12 November.

Utrillo and the painters of Montmartre, Charleroi (Belgium), Palace of Fine Arts, 11 January – February 16.
One hundred years of French painting, Paris, gallery Schmidt, 07 May-07 June.
50 masters paintings, Paris, gallery Pétridès, may June.

Valadon, oils and drawings by 1889 at 1938. Utrillo, oils and gouaches 1905 at 1938 : traveling exhibition in Japan organized by the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, 09-21 May ; Osaka, 27 May 1is June ; Matsuyama, 10-15 June ; Takamatsu, 17-22 June ; Sapporo, 4-9 July; Nagoya, 20-30 July ; Matsue, 05-10 August.

French masters paintings 1900-1955, Paris, gallery Schmidt, 16 May-June 16.
Modern japanese art and Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, 15 September-December 16.

From Montmagny to the white period. Exposition Utrillo, traveling exhibition, 10 January-03 mars.

Maurice Utrillo and Suzanne Valadon, traveling exhibition in Japan : Tokyo, galerie Isetan, 05 October-07 November ; Nara, modern Art Museum, 12 November-December 20 ; Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Art Museum, 10-22 January ; Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture Cultural Center, 01-14 February.
Modern Masters. Paintings and Drawings from the Alex Hillman Family Foundation, Nassau County Museum of Fine Arts, 19 December-February 12.

Rouault, Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Japan, 11 April-June 17.
French Masters XIXth-XXth centuries, Paris, gallery Schmidt, 09 May-July 10.
Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon, Albi (France), Toulouse-Lautrec museum, 15 June-September 15.

Modigliani, Utrillo, Kisling, Tokyo, Tokyo Art Gallery, 29 August-September 17.
Maurice Utrillo, 1883-1955, London, Wildenstein, December ; New-York, Wildenstein, 19 January-March 13.

Maurice Utrillo, Tokyo, Wildenstein, 13 April-May 15.
Tribute to 20th century Parisian architecture, autumn Fair, Paris, Big palace, November.

Centenary of Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Japan, 09 August-September 20 1983.

Centenary of the birth of Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955), traveling exhibition: Paris, Jacquemart-André museum, 24 May-August 13 ; Liège (Belgium), Saint-Georges museum, 9 September-October 16 ; Small (France), Septentrion Foundation, Marcq-en-Baroeul, 21 October-January 15.

Retrospective exhibition of Maurice Utrillo on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the artist's death, traveling exhibition in Japan : Tokyo, Odakyu Grand Galerie, 1is-26 November ; Osaka, Galerie d’ Art Daimaru, Shinsaibashi, 03-13 January ; Kyoto, Galerie d’ Art Daimaru, 23 January-04 February ; Yamaguchi, Prefectural Art Museum, 27 February-March 30 ; Kumamoto, Prefectural Art Museum, 05 avril-05 May.
Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Japan : Sapporo, Niigata, Sendai, Iwate, Fukuoka, Yokohama, 03 october-february.

Utrillo, Kasama Nichido, Museum of Art, 20 February-10 March.
Swiss and French masters of the 19th and 20th centuries, Lausanne (Suisse), The Paul Valloton Gallery, 25 June-August 30.
Masters of the XXth century, Tokyo, Fujikawa Galleries, 11-29 November, Osaka, Fujikawa Galleries, 08-20 December.
Goya to Picasso, Paris, gallery However, 1986.

Maurice Utrillo, Osaka, Kintetsu Grande Galerie, 11-23 November 1988, Nagasaki, art Museum, 26 November-December 18 1988, Kitakyushu, municipal art museum, 22 December 1988-5 Feb. 1989, Yokohama, Sogo art museum, 15 March-April 16 1989.

Paris capital of the arts, Paris, gallery Didier Imbert Fine Art, 28 April-July 14.
Impressionist and modern masters, Paris, Galerie Daniel Malingue, 10 November-December 23.

Utrillo and the artists of Montmartre, traveling exhibition in Japan, Osaka, Kintetsu Art Museum, 22 June-04 July, Kyoto, Daimaru Art Museum, 04-08 October , Tokyo, Daimaru Art Museum, 18-30 October.
Maurice Utrillo, Paris, Paul and Gilbert Pétridès gallery, 03-20 October.

Masterpieces of the 19th and 20th Century French Painting from the National Museum, Belgrade, traveling exhibition in Japan : Yokohama, Sogo Museum of Art, 29 May-June 30 ; Nara, Sogo Museum of Art, 10 July-04 August ; Saga, Prefectural Art Museum, 09 August-September 16 ; Takamatsu City Art Museum, 21 September-October 20 ; The Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, 26 October-November 24.
Utrillo, Valadon, Utter, Bessines-sur-Gartempes (France), Constant castle, 19 July-August 4.

Utrillo, paintings of 1908 at 1950, Montigny-les-Cormeilles (France), Picasso Center, 15 May-June 30.

Maurice Utrillo, Tokyo, Daimaru Museum, 10-21 September, Kyoto, Daimaru Museum 23 September-06 October, Osaka, Daimaru Museum Umeda, 14-26 October, Shimonoseki, Daimaru Bunka Hall, 29 October-03 November, Onomichi, Municipal museum, 08 November-06 December.

European Painting and Sculpture fromthe Philadelphia Museum of Art : Towards the Twentieth Century, 1992.

Maurice Utrillo. The Impalpable Ruiflesso of Melancholy, Bologne (Italy), Marescalchi Gallery, from the 02 October.

Modigliani and his friends, traveling exhibition in Japan, 04 December -12 June.
Utrillo in Montmartre, Paris, André Roussard gallery, december-january.
Utrillo, Montmartre des Arts, Lugano (Suisse), The Relart Cultural Center, 17 mars-10 mai.
The Painters of Zborowski. Modigliani, Utrillo, Soutine and their friends, Lausanne (Suisse), Hermitage Foundation, 24 June-October 23.

Maurice Utrillo, Monaco, oceanographic museum, 21 April-May 25.

From French Impressionism to the School of Paris in France : Seijiro Matsuoka Collection, traveling exhibition in Japan : Niigata, Daiwa Department Store, 02-16 January ; Oogaki City, Suitopia Center, 02-23 avril ; Fukuoka, Prefectural Museum of Art, 3 May-June 4 ; Takamatsu, City Museum of Art, 02-24 September ; Akashi, City Culture Museum-Hyogo, 7 October-November 3 ; Tokyo, Matsuya Department Store, Ginza, 6-11 mars ; Kanazawa, Daiwa Department Store, 28 mars-07 avril ; Shiga, The Museum of Modern Art, 10 April-May 19 1996; Fukushima, Koriyama City Culture Center, 24 May-June 16 ; Hiroshima, Fukuya Department Store, Hiroshima Hacchobori Honten, 20-25 June ; Iwate, Prefectural Hall, 29 June-July 14 ; Okazati, City Art Museum, 31 July-August 18 ; Sapporo, Marui Imai Department Store, 26 September-October 8 ; Shizuoka, Tokoha Museum of Art, 20 October-November 24.

French Paintings of Impressionism at the Paris School, traveling exhibition in Japan, 1996…

Maurice Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Japan : Fukuyama, Fukuyama museum 24 February-March 31 ; Akita, Senshu municipal museum, 17 May-June 18 ; Yonago, municipal museum of Yonago,23 June-July 14 ; Koriyama, Koriyama municipal museum, 20 July-August 18; Hokkaido, Obihiro museum, 24 August-September 29 ; Inazawa, Inguawa City "Oguiss" Memorial Museum, 04 October-04 November ; Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu municipal museum. 19 December-January 19.
Utrillo, Valadon, Utter … in an extraordinary garden, Paris, museum of Montmartre, 22 October 1996-31 mars.

Living Montmartre, from Toulouse-Lautrec, Geneva, Small palace, modern Art Museum, 15 February-May 30.
Utrillo, Lodève (France), Lodève museum, Cardinal Fleury's hotel, 28 June-October 26.
Maurice Utrillo retrospective, traveling exhibition in Japan : Tokyo, Isetan Art Museum, 18 September-October 26, Nagoya, Matsuzakaya Art Museum, 30 October-November 18, Hiroshima, Museum of Fine Arts, 22 November-December 28.

Maurice Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Italy : Padua, Palazzo Zabarella, 22 mars -22 June ; Rome, Palazzo degli Esposizione, 09 July-08 September 1997 ; Catagne (Sicily), 28 November-06 January.
Treasures of Impressionnism : The Courtauld Collection, traveling exhibition in Japan : Tokyo, Takashimaya, 26 December-February 17 ; Osaka, Takashimaya, 20 February-March 17 ; Kyoto, Takashimaya, 16 April-May 12.

Maurice Utrillo, traveling exhibition in Japan : Oita, Hall of Art Prefectural, 05 August-06 September ; Kyoto, Musée EKI KYOTO, 11 September-October 19 ; Saga, Prefectural Museum, 28 October-November 29 ; Chiba, Chiba Sogo Art Museum,13 January-February 14.

The Hundred Masterpieces of the Hermitage : Impressionists and Avant-garde at the Papal Stables at the Quirinale, Rome, Papal stables at the Quirinale, 22 December-11 June.

Jean Moulin dit Romanin, artist, resistant, art dealer, Aix en Provence (France), Art Gallery of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, 06 April-June 25.
Utrillo and the painters of Montmartre, Payerne museum (Suisse, Canton of Vaud), 09 April-September 18.
1900-2000 Private Collections, Domont 13-26 June.
Paris under the painting sky, Paris, City Hall, association for the promotion of the Arts, 14 September-December 17.

The bohemian life, Sannois (France), Utrillo-Valadon Museum, 13 May-February 14.
Utrillo and Valadon Exhibition, traveling exhibition in japan : Tokyo, musée Odakyu, 17 May-June 18, Fukushima, Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Iwaki, 15 July-August 27, Osaka, Daimaru museum, Umeda, 13 September-09 October, Fukuoka, Musée Mitsukoshi, 18 October-November 12, Niigata, Niitsu Municipal Art Museum, 1is December-January 21, Kanagawa, Musée Takashimaya, Yokohama, 31 January-February 12.

" The joy of living ", Salzburg (Austria), Salis & Green, January.

Delacroix in Braque : French masters XIXe-XXe centuries, Paris, gallery Schmit, 25 April-July 11.
Color miracle, Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum and Corboud Foundation, 08 September-09 December.

Paris, capital of the Arts, 1900-1968, London, Royal Academy of Arts, 26 January-April 19 ; Bilbao (Spain), Guggenheim Museum, 21 May-03 September.

Drawing Fair 2002, Paris, Lounges, 20-25 mars.
Maurice Utrillo,1904-1951, traveling exhibition in japan : Tokyo, musée des Beaux-Arts Yasuda Kasai Seiji Togo, 20 avril-09 June ; Toyama, Prefectural Museum of Modern Arts, 15 June-August 4 ; Gifu, Museum of Fine Arts, 9 August-September 23 ; Tokushima, Prefectural Museum of Modern Arts, 12 October-November 24.
French masters XIXe-XXe century, Paris, gallery Schmit, 24 April-July 10.

Maurice Utrillo, the 120th birth anniversary, traveling exhibition in japan : Kobe, Daimaru Museum, 27 mars-08 avril ; Kyoto, Daimaru museum, 10 April-April 22 ; Sapporo, Galerie d’ Arts de Daimaru, 14 May-May 26 ; Kushiro, Art Museum, 22 June-July 21 ; Hakodate, Art Museum, 29 July-September 23.

Fiftieth anniversary of the death of Maurice Utrillo, traveling exhibition in japan : Tokyo, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Nihonbashi, 21 September-October 10 ; Kanagawa, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Yokohama 13 October-October 31 ; Kyoto, Takashimaya Art Gallery, 07 January-January 29 ; Osaka, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Nanba, 23 February-March 13 2006 ; Aichi, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Nagoya 15 March-27 March.
UTRILLO, VALADON, UTTER, Aulnay sous Bois, City Hall, 12 November-December 11.

Maurice Utrillo the Montmartre of dreams and poetry, traveling exhibition in japan : Mitaka, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, 28 avril-08 July ; Chiba, Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, 14 July-August 26 ; Asahikawa, Hokkaido Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, 01 September-October 14 ; Fukuoka, Prefectural Museum, 26 October-02 December.

Valadon-Utrillo, Paris, Art gallery, 06 March-September 15.

Maurice Utrillo, traveling exhibition in japan : Tokyo, Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, 17 avril-04 July ; Niigata, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, 10 July-August 25 ; Kyoto, Museum EKI KYOTO, 09 September-October 17 ; Aichi, Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History, 22 October-05 December.

La collection Jonas Netter, Modigliani, Soutine and the adventure of Montparnasse, Paris, Art gallery, 04 avril-09 September.

Maurice Utrillo, 130th birth anniversary, traveling exhibition in japan : Kyoto, Takashimaya Art Gallery, 24 April-May 13 ; Tokyo, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Nihonbashi, 12 June-June 24 ; Hokkaido, Hokkaido Hakodate Museum of Art, 24 July-08 September ; Kanakawa, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Yokohama, 18 September-September 30.