The Association Maurice Utrillo was created in November 1963 by the artist's wife Lucie UTRILLO-VALORE and Jean FABRIS

The Association manages an important documentary fund on Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon, André Utter and Lucie Valore (correspondences, photographies…) and a library of several thousand works on Art History, and catalogs of exhibitions and auctions since 1914. A large part is deposited in the National Archives of Pierrefitte sur Seine and digitized to allow a better exploitation, too, we are continuously looking for new and original documents to complete our knowledge.

Our offices are currently located in the Maurice Utrillo Cultural Center in downtown Pierrefitte sur Seine. Several permanent staff work there who classify and manage our computer database but who, above all, respond to numerous copyright requests., of exhibitions and those concerning the authentications which are the subject of prior information research.

The Association has also initiated a few years ago a Committee of competent members chaired by Hélène Bruneau, Holder of moral rights, who deliberates during regular sessions on works submitted to their expertise by individuals or professionals of the art market.

 This important work is essential to the promotion and respect of the work of these artists.